All things Wolf Pen Gap ATV/UTV Trails in Mena, Arkansas

If you’re headed to the Mena, Arkansas area and looking for ATV/UTV trails, Wolf Pen Gap is the place to be!

Over 35 miles of trails and all kinds of terrain to suit your experience level. Each main trail is marked with Easiest, More Difficult and Most Difficult at the trail head but can also be found on the printed Trail Map available at the Train Depot Welcome Center in Mena or at the Ouachita National Forest Service office.

Another option is to download the app Maprika on your phone, which is what we use every time we go out. This handy app will show you in real time via GPS where you are on the trail map itself! Lost? Not really… just look at the app and you can figure out your way back! Just remember to download the app before you get the trails as you might not have the best service in the middle of the forest.

On the map you will see several popular attractions that are wroth the stop. Among our favorites are the old mine shaft, Little Missouri Falls, the Two Footed Oak and Hawks Overlook. If you are looking for challenging terrain, just east of the mine shaft are some of our favorite spots with tight turns, rocky terrain, and stunning views. With so much to see and a lot of riding to be done, it’s good to know there is gas, ice and snacks available at the Wolf Pen Gap campground a few minutes north of the north trailhead.

The trails can be dusty so having a mask or bandana handy is a great idea as well as packing water, lunch and some bug spray. There are not many spots that have tables/chairs so be prepared to eat while standing or bring a blanket and make it a picnic.

If riding in a group, it is customary to let an oncoming vehicle/group know how many are in your entourage by the lead driver holding up a hand with the number of vehicles behind the lead vehicle. Some of the trails can get narrow and may require some creative maneuvering for one group to pull off and allow the other group to pass.

Wolf Pen Gap is a popular place to ride and can get busy, but the expansive trail system never feels crowded and is host to some of the nicest strangers you have ever met. If you get stuck, don’t worry… someone will be along shortly that will not leave you stranded.

The Ouachita ATV Club is a large partner with the US Forest Service in keeping Wolf Pen Gap the great riding experience it has always been. They have posted some guidance on how to preserve the trails that we wanted to share here as well. More information can be found on their website.

  • Avoid running over young trees, shrubs and grasses-this damages and kills them.
  • MUD BOGGING – Stay off soft, wet trails and trails already badly rutted.
  • Cross streams only at designated crossings. KEEP OUT OF CREEKS
  • Stay on designated routes – resist the urge to pioneer a new trail or switchback.
  • Do not chase or intentionally disturb wildlife.
  • Take your litter with you when you leave the National Forest or on any Trails.
  • Obey closures and regulatory signs.
  • Travel at safe and reasonable speed – TWO WAY TRAFFIC on Trails

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